Since everyone is staying home for the last three months, and somehow following the required precautions, and that’s why they haven’t gotten diagnosed with coronavirus. Still, a recent survey of people shows us that some people, especially small kids, and adults, need to be outdoors for some time to help them have fun and maintain good mental health. A study of epidemiologists shows that more than half of them don’t want to lose the habit of wearing masks for a full year. They don’t want to send their kids to school or join any small social gathering. But, now health experts are wondering over how people need to maintain good mental health during this pandemic.

According to them, to have some fun and good mental health, we need to be outdoors following all social distancing rules. Kids, adults need to get on the ground, garden, and do those things which will get their id off from indoor activities. Various health studies have revealed that being around to the greenery helps people be happy, and have sound mental health. Experts think gardening and learning to prepare their food is the best mental health exercise that everyone needs to follow. You will need to be at the nearest garden or outside of your home with your family or close friends to interact.

Human interaction at this time helps people to fight against boredom and depression. Experts reportedly said they see an increase in the number of people having depression and anxiety because they are spending more time in their house. Meanwhile, outside doing gardening or exercising, people are advised to follow the required precautions of social distancing. Having good health mentally and physically is the key to living during these hard pandemic times.