In rural northeastern Oregon, a church has been linked to seeing a significant spike in coronavirus cases. A church from this area became the primary reason behind 236 people being diagnosed with coronavirus. In several cases, this new outbreak has set a new record for witnessing the highest number of cases in a single day. Health officials are worried about the current situation because they think since lockdown has lifted, such cases will further increase only. Gov. Kate Brown seemed to be carefully watching the spiking number and decided not to reopen the state for seven days.

She announced the reopening of the market would be further delayed by seven more days because the state is witnessing lots of new cases every day. Oregon Health Authority released the report showing new 278 cases found on Tuesday, which is 51% higher than Monday’s case count. Health authorities said there are various reasons why these numbers have increased so much. According to them, because of reopening the workplace, social gathering, more testing, we are witnessing more cases of coronavirus and shouldn’t get surprised if it persists at the same rate. Since the state testing has increased from the last few days, many people who did not see any symptoms tested positive for this virus.

This Oregon church recently held a wedding and graduation ceremony, which might be the primary reason why so many people gathered there. Representatives of the Church couldn’t be contacted, and it seems it would be hard now. Considering the situation, people are advised not to go out where the gathering is done because there, they will have higher chances of diagnosing with the virus. Three hundred fifty-six people were tested, and 66% of them were positive, worrying health officials of future scenarios.