Every business is currently thinking of doing business and generating some revenue along with maintaining sound health. The coronavirus pandemic situation has forced everyone to take care of their health first. Now Walmart, the biggest retail giant in the world, is thinking of mandating wearing masks nationwide. In a recent interview CEO of Walmart Doug McMillon said about various states mandating the wearing of masks. In an interview out of 5000 stores of Walmart 3700 are already following wearing of masks interio store because the state law is mandating. There are many companies which are making it compulsory to wear masks because the current situation demands it.

In an interview CEO, Doug said they are currently watching all things which are happening, and thinking of mandating the wearing of masks in stores also. The Retail Industry Association that represents Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens and other retail giants are requesting states and governors to mandate wearing of masks. The Retail Association head said they are currently witnessing different problems in the country. Some minority customers have been misguided on the fact that wearing of masks diminishes their liberty rights, and they are not following this rule.

The ongoing riot in the country has also impacted negatively on how retail giants like Walmart should work. The damage happening from rioters who wore masks has cost lots of money to them. Even though the problem of wearing a mask might seem more significant, still it needs to be implemented quickly. The rise of coronavirus cases in the country is happening at a rapid rate; each day, the country is witnessing 50k cases. Costco, a retail giant, has already made it compulsory to wear masks for the customers for their own and employees safety. Now whether Walmart is going to do the same is a matter of only a few days.