Everyone is seeing the news every other day about some companies in Israel, Russia, the USA making vaccines for coronavirus. However, even though this positive news is quite good, all of these medicines are in the trial phase. Now recent reports show the vaccine made in the USA is going to undergo phase three of a trial next week. This new vaccine is made by Moderna company along with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Scientists are already positive about this ongoing vaccine which has successfully gone through two trials. Now they are going to test whether it has the potential of curing coronavirus in the third trial also.

This vaccine reportedly uses messenger RNA (mRNA which are responsible for making cells in our body to fight against coronavirus. These cells are created for boosting the immunity system and making patients more capable of fighting this virus. In the early phase, the vaccine was tested on some patients in which they gave higher to lower doses to patients. The result shows the higher the doses given, the higher the immunity system increased.

The one crucial thing that was being observed was the fact that higher doses led to some side effects that included headache, pain, vomit. So in this third trial, they are going to give medium doses of the vaccine to 100 people. Scientists who are behind this vaccine said they focused on creating more cells using RNA. The RNA is responsible for creating more proteins in our body, and it ultimately has the potential to kill coronavirus. The whole discovery of this vaccine is quite potential; early two-phase results of this vaccine were good. Now everyone is looking forward to seeing how the third trial of this vaccine will go.