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Trishita Deb

Updated · Apr 25, 2024


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Champagne Market Overview

Champagne, originating from France’s Champagne region, embodies refinement and elegance with its distinct qualities.

Made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes using traditional methods, it undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in its characteristic bubbles.

Found in various styles like non-vintage, vintage, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, and Rosé, Champagne offers a balanced blend of acidity, fruitiness, and minerality, presenting flavors from citrus to brioche.

Ideally served chilled in tulip-shaped glasses, Champagne pairs seamlessly with seafood, poultry, soft cheeses, and desserts, making it a versatile option for special occasions and fine dining.

Market Drivers

The global Champagne market is buoyed by various factors driving its growth and vitality. Increasing disposable incomes, particularly in emerging economies, empower consumers to indulge in luxury goods like champagne.

Additionally, champagne’s cultural prestige as a symbol of celebration and success fuels demand, especially during festive periods.

The expansion of tourism and hospitality sectors globally, alongside effective marketing strategies and product diversification, further stimulates market growth.

Furthermore, the globalization of markets and trade liberalization initiatives facilitate broader distribution channels, while investments in online retail platforms and specialized wine shops enhance accessibility.

These factors collectively contribute to the sustained popularity and resilience of the industry on a global scale.

Market Size

The global Champagne market, valued at USD 7.2 billion in 2022, is projected to achieve its highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% between 2023 and 2032.

List of Major Companies

These are the top ten companies operating in the Champagne Market:


Company Overview

Establishment Year1743
HeadquarterÉpernay, Grand Est, France
Key ManagementSybille Scherer (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 92.2. Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 1601 (2023)

About Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon, a venerable figure in the champagne sector and part of the LVMH group, continues to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

The company not only upholds a tradition of quality but also actively pursues strategic initiatives to enhance its market position and product offerings.

Recent developments include a series of new product launches and promotional strategies that emphasize sustainability and appeal to a contemporary consumer base.

Moët & Chandon’s ongoing market activities reflect its commitment to maintaining a leading edge in the competitive landscape of luxury champagnes.

These efforts are part of a broader trend in the luxury goods industry where heritage brands continuously adapt to meet the evolving tastes and preferences of global consumers.

Geographical Presence

Moët & Chandon, founded in Épernay, France, in 1743, exudes elegance and luxury with its renowned champagne.

Its global reach spans continents, with a strong presence in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In Europe, it graces prestigious cities like London and Paris while captivating audiences in cosmopolitan hubs such as New York and Tokyo.

Partnering with esteemed distributors and luxury venues, Moët & Chandon ensures its esteemed champagne is accessible to discerning consumers worldwide, solidifying its status as a symbol of celebration and refinement on a global scale.

Recent Developments

  • In January 2024, Solaz unveiled a Moët-branded beach cabana and bar, providing guests with a unique and luxurious sipping experience.
  • In October 2023, to celebrate its 280th anniversary, Moët & Chandon introduced the prestigious Collection Impériale Création No. 1, replacing the discontinued MC111 cuvée.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1772
HeadquarterRue du Temple Reims, France
Key ManagementJean-Marc Gallot (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 23.2 B (2022)
Headcount~ 2,379 (2023)

About Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot, a distinguished name in the champagne sector, continues to emphasize innovation alongside its storied tradition.

Recent initiatives by the company include the launch of La Grande Dame 2015 in collaboration with Italian artist Paola Paronetto.

This partnership highlights Veuve Clicquot’s blend of tradition with modern artistic expression, presenting unique, color-infused gift boxes that reflect both the artist’s signature style and the champagne’s quality.

Additionally, the company has reinforced its commitment to sustainability and cultural engagement through programs like “Bold by Veuve Clicquot,” which supports female entrepreneurship globally, and partnerships with icons like Stella McCartney and Magnum Photos to merge the art of champagne with broader creative and gastronomic experiences​​​​​​.

Geographical Presence

Veuve Clicquot, the esteemed French champagne house, has a robust global presence spanning Europe, North America, Asia, and emerging markets.

In Europe, it commands a strong following in countries like France, the UK, Germany, and Italy. Across the Atlantic, it enjoys prominence in the US and Canada, key markets for luxury goods.

In Asia-Pacific, particularly in China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, Veuve Clicquot capitalizes on the increasing demand for luxury items.

Moreover, it has successfully entered emerging markets in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, showcasing its appeal to discerning consumers worldwide.

Recent Developments

  • In April 2024, Veuve Clicquot and Magnum Photos introduced “Emotions of the Sun,” a traveling photo exhibit celebrating the sun as a symbol of joy and optimism.
  • In November 2023, Veuve Clicquot collaborated with fashion designer McCartney to repurpose grape and cork waste into vegan handbags and shoes.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1921
HeadquarterÉpernay, Bourgogne, France
Key ManagementBerta de Pablos-Barbier (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 95.1 Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 1,000 (2023)

About Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon, a renowned vintage-only champagne, maintains its reputation for exclusivity by ensuring that each bottle comes from a single year’s harvest, underscoring its commitment to quality over quantity.

This dedication means Dom Pérignon does not produce a vintage in less favorable years, preserving the brand’s high standards. Recently, the brand has continued to innovate within the bounds of its traditional processes.

Notably, Dom Pérignon often collaborates with artists and designers to create limited edition bottles, merging haute couture with haute cuisine, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also broadens its cultural resonance across luxury markets​​​​.

Geographical Presence

Dom Pérignon, renowned for its prestige cuvée Champagne, has a global geographical presence that spans key markets across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and select regions elsewhere.

Its distribution network strategically targets affluent consumers and upscale establishments in countries like France, the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates, where demand for premium champagne is consistently high.

This strategic positioning reflects Dom Pérignon’s status as a global icon of luxury and elegance, catering to discerning clientele seeking exceptional champagne experiences worldwide.

Recent Development

  • In December 2023, Paris luxury hotel Le Bristol and Dom Pérignon collaborated to provide guests with an exclusive gastronomic experience featuring a carefully curated champagne and food pairing menu.
  • In October 2023, Dom Pérignon revealed a partnership with acclaimed chef Clare Smyth, the sole British female chef to attain three Michelin stars, for her restaurant Core by Clare Smyth.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1734
Key Management Vitalie Taittinger (President)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 5.0 Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 1,000 (2023)

About Taittinger

Taittinger, a distinguished name in the champagne sector, continues to innovate while honoring its legacy.

Recent developments at Taittinger include the renovation of their historic visitor center in Saint-Nicaise, which is scheduled to reopen in 2024, enhancing their visitor experiences in Reims.

Additionally, Taittinger is expanding its reach into new territories with a significant investment in a vineyard in Kent, UK, marking it as the first champagne house to establish a vineyard in England.

This venture is set to release its first bottles of sparkling wine in 2024, signaling Taittinger’s forward-thinking approach and adaptation to changing climatic conditions, which affect traditional winemaking regions.

Furthermore, Taittinger continues to merge the art of champagne with cultural and culinary arts, showcasing its deep connection to both heritage and innovation​​​​​​​​​​.

Geographical Presence

Taittinger, celebrated for its exceptional champagne, holds a prominent geographical presence primarily in the Champagne region of France, with its headquarters in Reims.

Its vineyards span key sub-regions such as the Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Blancs, and Côte des Bar, ensuring access to diverse terroirs.

Internationally, Taittinger’s distribution network extends across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, enabling its champagne to be enjoyed globally in prestigious venues and fine wine retailers.

This global footprint reflects Taittinger’s commitment to sharing its renowned champagne while honoring the rich traditions of the Champagne region.

Recent Development

  • In April 2024, Formula E reached an agreement with Taittinger to serve as the official champagne for the championship.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1812
HeadquarterTours-sur-Marne, France
Key Management Michelle D. DeFeo (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 340.8 M (2023)
Headcount~ 414 (2023)

About Laurent-Perrier

Laurent-Perrier, a prestigious name in the champagne sector, continues to strengthen its market position through strategic partnerships and initiatives aimed at expanding its global reach.

Recently, Laurent-Perrier has partnered with Global Airlines to serve its champagne on the airline’s transatlantic flights starting in spring 2024.

This collaboration is part of Laurent-Perrier’s strategy to enhance brand visibility and consumer experience in luxury travel settings.

Additionally, the company remains focused on maintaining its high standards in champagne production and distribution, adapting to market demands while ensuring the excellence of its offerings​​​​.

Geographical Presence

Laurent-Perrier, celebrated for its exquisite champagne, boasts a global presence across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

With roots deeply embedded in France’s Champagne region, the brand has expanded strategically, captivating discerning consumers in key luxury markets worldwide.

From prestigious venues in Europe to upscale retailers in North America and burgeoning markets in Asia, Laurent-Perrier’s reach epitomizes sophistication and refinement.

Its availability in exclusive establishments across diverse regions underscores its commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and elegance to champagne enthusiasts worldwide.

Recent Developments

  • In October 2023, Laurent-Perrier unveiled its newest offering, the Prestige Cuvée Grand Siècle Iteration No. 26.
  • In August 2023, Global Airlines, a new British airline, revealed that Laurent Perrier Champagne will serve as the flagship brand on its Transatlantic flights.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1811
HeadquarterÉpernay, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Key ManagementCesar Giron (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 16.9 Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 1,000 (2023)

About Perrier-Jouët

Perrier-Jouët, renowned in the champagne industry, has been integrating its artistic and eco-friendly values into its brand.

The launch of their “Perrier-Jouët House of Wonder” campaign in Tokyo and New York showcases their commitment to combining luxury with art and sustainability.

This includes a partnership with FLOWERBX and Cocktail Courier, offering eco-conscious floral champagne gifts.

Additionally, Perrier-Jouët introduced a pop-up boutique in Paris with artist Fernando Laposse, enhancing their offerings with artistic collaborations and emphasizing their long-standing dedication to art and nature.

Geographical Presence

Perrier-Jouët, the esteemed champagne house founded in Épernay, France, in 1811, boasts a global presence spanning Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Renowned for its exquisite champagnes, Perrier-Jouët has cultivated a loyal following in key markets such as France, the United States, China, and beyond.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and innovative spirit, the brand continues to captivate discerning consumers worldwide, delivering exceptional champagne experiences across diverse regions and cultures.

Recent Developments

  • In February 2024, Perrier-Jouët selected a prestigious luxury hotel on the Left Bank of Paris as the venue for a boutique showcasing its exclusive partnership with artist Fernando Laposse.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1785
HeadquarterReims, France
Key ManagementBenoît Collard (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 15.5 Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 205 (2023)

About Piper-Heidsieck

Piper-Heidsieck, a prominent player in the champagne sector, has made significant strides in aligning its operations with sustainable and ethical practices.

The company recently achieved B Corp certification, underscoring its commitment to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

This certification is part of Piper-Heidsieck’s broader strategy to reduce its environmental footprint, including a commitment to cut its carbon emissions by 46% by 2030 and to use 40% less energy by 2025​​.

In addition to its sustainability efforts, Piper-Heidsieck continues to enhance its brand visibility and prestige through high-profile partnerships.

It has been the exclusive champagne provider for several notable events, including the Oscars and the Rolex Paris Masters, showcasing its luxury positioning and commitment to excellence in high-visibility settings​​​​.

These developments are part of Piper-Heidsieck’s ongoing efforts to maintain and elevate its status in the competitive champagne market.

Geographical Presence

Piper-Heidsieck, the esteemed champagne house, holds a global footprint across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

In Europe, it thrives in traditional markets like France, extending its reach to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

In North America, it caters to discerning consumers in the United States and Canada, while in Asia-Pacific, it targets burgeoning markets such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

This strategic expansion underscores Piper-Heidsieck’s status as a premier champagne brand with widespread international appeal.

Recent Developments

  • In October 2021, Rolex Paris Masters and Piper-Heidsieck unveiled their partnership during the 2021 tournament, designating the prestigious Champagne House as the exclusive Champagne partner for the Paris Masters 1000 event.
  • In April 2021, Piper-Heidsieck announced its return as the champagne partner of the 93rd Oscars.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1829
HeadquarterMarne, France
Key Management Etienne Bizot (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 1.0 Billion (2022)
Headcount~ 2,900 (2023)

About Bollinger

Bollinger, a renowned name in the champagne sector, has continued to strengthen its market position through strategic developments and commitments to sustainability.

Recently, Bollinger has focused on enhancing its environmental credentials, which aligns with broader industry trends toward sustainable practices.

Bollinger’s ongoing dedication to quality and sustainability helps maintain its prestigious image in the competitive champagne market.

These efforts reflect the company’s commitment to combining luxury with responsible business practices.

Geographical Presence

Bollinger, a renowned Champagne house, has broadened its international reach through strategic partnerships and expanding beyond Europe, marking its presence in North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

The company has modernized under various leaders, focusing on global market penetration. Recent strategic moves include acquiring a minority stake in UK’s BI Wines & Spirits and purchasing Oregon’s Ponzi Family Winery, it’s first outside France.

These initiatives enhance Bollinger’s digital and global trading capabilities, tapping into new vineyard resources and catering to a diverse, upscale wine consumer base worldwide.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1975
HeadquarterParis, France
Key ManagementAlexandre Ricard (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 12.8 Billion (2022)
Headcount~ 20,617 (2022)

About Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard, a major player in the champagne sector, manages prestigious brands such as Maison Perrier-Jouët and Maison Mumm.

These brands are integral to their extensive portfolio, emphasizing Pernod Ricard’s commitment to maintaining sophisticated champagne traditions and widespread global appeal.

In recent developments, Pernod Ricard has been actively enhancing its production capabilities and expanding its product range.

Notably, the company has invested $22 million in a new ready-to-drink canning line in the USA, aiming to increase production efficiency and market responsiveness to consumer demands for convenience and quality in alcoholic beverages.

This investment highlights Pernod Ricard’s strategy to innovate within its operational processes and broaden its product offerings, reinforcing its position in the global market​​​​.

Geographical Presence

Pernod Ricard’s geographical presence is extensive and strategically positioned across key regions worldwide.

In Europe, the company capitalizes on its French heritage while expanding its footprint across the continent.

In the Americas, particularly in the United States and Latin America, Pernod Ricard leverages the vibrant cocktail culture and emerging markets.

The Asia-Pacific region represents a significant growth opportunity, with the company targeting both mature markets like Japan and Australia and rapidly evolving markets like China and India.

Additionally, Pernod Ricard maintains a presence in Africa and the Middle East, adapting its portfolio to local preferences.

Overall, the company’s global expansion strategy focuses on brand innovation and market penetration to thrive in diverse markets.

Recent Development

  • In March 2024, Pernod Ricard introduced a fresh digital campaign for its leading responsible drinking initiative: “Hydrate Responsibly.”
  • In December 2023, Pernod Ricard launched Chuan Pure Malt Whisky, marking its entry into a new category. This inaugural product from The Chuan reflects Pernod Ricard’s vision to produce a premium malt whisky crafted in China.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1990
HeadquarterCognac, France
Key ManagementMarie-Amélie de Leusse (President)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 1.6 Billion (2022)                                                                                                                 
Headcount~ 2,021 (2022)

About Rémy Cointreau

Rémy Cointreau, a distinguished French spirits group, has a notable presence in the champagne sector through its acquisition of the champagne Maison Telmont.

The group is focused on strengthening its portfolio of exceptional spirits and expanding its global footprint.

Recent developments include an emphasis on sustainable and responsible business practices, as outlined in their annual report, which reflects a robust financial performance with significant sales growth.

Rémy Cointreau’s strategic investments and commitment to luxury and heritage in their brand offerings underline their ambition to maintain and expand their influence in the premium spirits market globally​​​​.

Geographical Presence

Remy Cointreau, the esteemed French spirits company, maintains a robust global presence across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific region.

With a strong foundation in its homeland of France, the company extends its reach throughout Europe, catering to sophisticated markets with premium offerings.

In the Americas, particularly in the United States, Remy Cointreau targets discerning consumers with its portfolio of high-quality spirits.

Additionally, the company capitalizes on the burgeoning middle class and evolving tastes in the Asia Pacific region, with strategic investments in markets like China and Southeast Asia.

While selectively present in other regions, such as Africa and the Middle East, Remy Cointreau focuses on affluent consumers and key urban centers to capture opportunities in the premium spirits market globally.

Recent Developments

  • In December 2022, Remy Cointreau SA partnered with EcoSpirits to launch a closed-circuit packaging pilot.
  • In August 2022, Remy Cointreau’s St-Rémy Signature brand expanded its global presence.
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