The cases of coronavirus are increasing every day in various parts of the country. Apple recently decided to shut down its stores in some states, in which cases are overgrowing. As the Spike of coronavirus has increased from the last few days in various parts of the country, Apple decided to close down 11 stores. Stores located in North Carolina and South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, are going to be closed down. Apple released a statement in which they said in some communities where they give service, they are witnessing a spile in several coronavirus cases and have decided to close down some stores. Four states in which Apple has decided to close down cases are witnessing Spike in cases.

Apple chose to reopen stores in late May because everyone should follow the required precautions. However, states like Arizona and Florida see a vast number of cases every day since reopening of the market. People are going to work in offices, even meeting at marriage and other ceremonies, increasing the number of cases. Apple mentioned taking the required precautions considering the present condition of the increased number of cases. The tech giant company said they are quietly looking at the everyday movement of coronavirus cases.

Apple stores were already following precaution of wearing masks and checking the temperature of patients. However, when it comes to testing still, many areas are yet to be covered. The number of cases increasing every day could be because of various reasons. Apple doesn’t want to take any risks considering so many people come into stores, which will spread the virus to noninfected people. Apple is going to take further actions if the cases keep continuing at the same rate.