YouTube has announced some changes in order to make it easier for users to find new content on the platform. YouTube said that it is now integrating video chapters with search results. This will allow viewers to jump to the exact portion of the video which is useful for them. This feature would be useful as the platform is flooded with content. With the introduction of this feature, users will no longer need to tap into a video and then scroll through the chapters. YouTube is also adding video previews feature on mobile. It will help users see a short clip of the video before they actually tap into it.

Another feature is designed to help those who are unable to find videos in their local language. In case of non-availability of videos, it will show videos that will have captions and titles options with descriptions in the local language. So if you are looking for a video in Icelandic and cannot find it, YouTube will show an English video with Icelandic subtitles. In the beginning, YouTube will suggest English language videos. But soon it would expand the feature to include videos of other languages. The company is also testing a feature that will provide website links from Google Search. However, this feature is only available in Indonesia and India at the moment.

Pablo Paniagua, director of Product Management, said that the feature is necessary because all searches may not have enough relevant videos. “There are chances that your search result may not have all the required information. In such cases, these external links would complement search results. A company’s spokesperson said that they have been working on the features for months. “The ultimate goal is to help users in finding what they are looking for without any extra effort. The latest updates come at a time when YouTube is in the middle of controversy over its search algorithm. There were even reports suggesting how the Google algorithm continues to promote ‘bottom feeding’ content.