Popularly named as the Apple of China, Xiaomi has announced a new smartphone, which will make the double folding smartphone. As of now, the Double folding smartphone from Xiaomi is the first one in the world as no other company has launched or announced the same. The Chinese smartphone giant was working on the foldable smartphones as per the reports, but no one knew that the company was working on a double-folding smartphone.

In the recent tweet, the Company President and Co-founder Mr. Bin Lin holding and using the smartphone, which has a double folding display. The tweet mentioned this smartphone as World’s First dual folding smartphone. In the tweet, we can find the video which teases the smartphone, and we can spot the two screen panels which make it a folding smartphone. The folded screen turns black and works as the back panel for the smartphone. If the user unfolds them, the phone will turn into a big screen smartphone.

The response time of the smartphone is perfect and immediately shifts to the appropriate resolution when you fold or unfold the screens. The small teaser posted on the Twitter doesn’t reveal much information about the smartphone except the build and the foldable screen feature. There is no information on the exact specifications, pricing and the release date of the device. But if the invention hits the market soon, it’ll be the first double foldable smartphone. As of now, there is no name announced from this device. But the experts suggest that the name might be Xiaomi Dual Flex or just the Xiaomi MIX Flex if the company decides to launch it in the MIX series.