Verizon’s Unlimited plans have got the update as the rollout of 5G network is ongoing. With the new unlimited plans, the company has slashed the prices and is making it easier for customers to check out the 5G network. Friday announcement from Verizon, the Go, Above and Beyond Unlimited plans are going away. Four new unlimited plans will replace Go, Above, and Beyond plans from now on. The new plans are named as Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited. While the Start Unlimited is the entry-level plan and Get More Unlimited is the high-end plan.

All four new plans have the latest pricing as they are $5 cheaper than the old unlimited plans. The “Start Unlimited” plans are priced at $70 single line, Play More and Do More unlimited plans are priced at $80 for a single line and the high-end Get More Unlimited plan is priced at $90 for a single line subscription. These plans are inclusive of the $5 discount that the company is offering, as the older plans were priced at $75, $85, and $95 respectively.

The $5 discount from Verizon is an application for multiple lines. That means, the more lines you add to the subscription, you’ll still get the discount on all of the individual lines. Means, having four lines will give you the $20 discount in the total bill. This discount came as a surprise as the company has not provided any new plans and discounts for a long time. With the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, all of the telecom companies, notably Verizon, are facing the tensions. But fortunately, Verizon reported second-quarter results, which show satisfactory subscriber growth for Verizon with new people joining the biggest cellular carrier.