Uber’s vision for automated vehicles as taxis is stronger than the market needs and that’s why the company decided to keep it going. In a recent series of events, Uber has raised more funding for the development of Driverless cars through the automated vehicles research program. Uber has raised more than $1 billion from two funding rounds from industry leaders. In recent series, the company got funding of $1 billion from SoftBank, Toyota, and Denso. Before this, the company acquired a similar amount from Softbank’s Vision Fund.

Uber is planning to go public limited with substantial experience and projects under its belt. The ambitious automated vehicles research program is one of them. With this investment from giants like Softbank, Toyota, and Denso, the Advanced Technology Group of Uber will now operate subsidiaries. The Advanced Technology Group is the department which now leads the Driverless cars development program will have subsidiaries to support the development. UBER CEO Dara Khosrowshahi confirmed the rounds of billion dollars of investments from Softbank, Denso, and Toyota on Twitter. He posted the picture of all of the investors with the announcement of $1 billion funding round for future of Mobility.

Uber is already facing millions of dollars in Net losses, and with this recent investment rounds, it seems highly unlikely to debut as Public company in coming months. Although, the Advanced Technology group will separate from the parent company and will operate as a subsidiary, which is useful for managing the investments and also the development of the driverless vehicles. After spotting the future of Driverless vehicles, Ford is also planning to accelerate the growth of the same. Ford CEO Jim Hackett announced his plans to scale the automated vehicles development program as the company has overestimated the technology for too long.