Twitter’s counterclaims to Elon Musk’s statements may have subsided, however, his response to these has not yet been made known. Before Musk could raise an issue, Twitter took the initiative and responded in detail.

Legal documents often comprise passive-aggressive attacks on another party. Musk’s counterclaims were strongly responded to by Twitter’s legal counsel. This could be because they know how many individuals will read these documents. Or maybe perhaps, the matter at hand is simply interpersonal.

Numerous individuals have selected their favorite passages and shared them with anyone who may be interested.

Musk is alleged to have left Twitter because of false and misleading statements made by the social media giant. These claims are to be brought before the courts on Oct 17, which is the date for this trial.

Twitter is expected to brief the courts about its process, documents, disclosure statements, and previous SEC filings. Twitter stated, “Musk doesn’t see any false or misleading statements in this disclosure.” So where does he get these odd numbers?” They don’t know the answer to this as Musk uses different metrics than Twitter, and doesn’t even use the exact same data.

Twitter then suggested that Musk deliberately misrepresents these figures to “make waves.” Then he adds: “Who is the bot now?”

Here are some facts that Twitter is willing to admit to being true:

Twitter acknowledges Musk’s Twitter use and has started several companies
Twitter admits to being complicated in its business strategies
Twitter has over 100,000,000 followers and acknowledges Musk as a Twitter user
Twitter says it detects spam and removes it from its platform

However, Twitter does not have enough information to “convince” Musk about his beliefs on free speech, open debate, the value of Twitter as a forum for discussion, or whether Twitter is an investment opportunity.” Twitter admits Musk is a frequent user of Twitter, and that it also acknowledges that many people believe that open discussions are essential for democracy to function.

Twitter acknowledged that it did not disclose information in a press release dated April 28, 2022, to Musk’s party prior to the signing and before the parties entered into a nondisclosure agreement.

Sorry, but this is the subtlest and humorous of “Twitter’s” admissions. That is, ‘we didn’t give him a release until he signed an agreement for non-disclosure’. This is to address Musk’s complaint about not being notified that Twitter has been incorrectly counting daily active users for several years now. It’s reasonable, however, to refrain from speaking to those with impaired impulse control and strong Twitter habits until they sign an agreement that prohibits them from disclosing any information.

Or perhaps this is the only case. According to the lawyers who represent him, “due diligence was not performed by Musk because he believed it to be too costly and useless.”

Twitter claims Musk’s lawyers refused to conduct due diligence prior to signing the merger agreement.

Twitter acknowledges that the merger agreement was to be terminated by the defendants on July 8, 2022. Twitter filed legal action in response, seeking specific performance counterclaims.

Twitter acknowledged that the case exists.

Musk abruptly changed his mind about joining Twitter’s board. After first accepting an offer, Musk wrote back saying that he was looking forward to joining the board. Twitter became very critical of Musk’s decision to reject the acquisition, even though he did not disclose any false or misleading claims.

Musk has since created a new excuse to evade the merger agreement. The alleged inaccuracies in Musk’s July 8th Twitter correspondence explaining the reasons for the alleged termination, and in any other posts, are not mentioned, following the signing of the merger, and Twitter agreement. Twitter has not made these disclosures and now claims they are false.

According to Musk’s attorneys, Twitter’s primary business is running microblogging social networks where users post 140-character messages known as “tweets.” Twitter has jokingly refuted this.