When it comes to Facebook, the company has been in big trouble from last few months because of data scandal controversies controversy which is harming its goodwill, and now some tech experts are comparing it to the cigarette by citing Facebook is as bad as a cigarette for our health. Marc Benioff who is the tech billionaire and founder of Salesforce recently in an interview said that the Facebook is more dangerous than we think and the government shall put more regulations on it just like there are for the cigarette industry. There have been occasions where Marc Benioff has criticised Facebook, and in one of his interviews, he said that Facebook is like a cigarette which is addictive and not good for your health since it does not provide got anything good. There are many theories which these tech experts have which shows that there are more data scandals like Cambridge Analytica.

Roger McNamee who was the mentor for Mark Zuckerberg used the tobacco analogy to describe Facebook which indicates that many tech experts disgust the Facebook and its way of working. Roger McNamee in a recent interview said Facebook is affecting a lot of people’s mind; he also mentions that now he has no idea about what the company wants to achieve since it’s creating a psychological problem for most of the people.

However, when a group of such people targets a company it badly affects a company’s reputation. Because recently Marc Benioff was found to be involved in making new privacy laws in California. He is also thinking of bringing rules like GDPR which would restrict the company to access the data of its users. However, one thing is sure Facebook has been going through its most challenging phase because the allegations on the company are increasing every day.