SkyDrive, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has announced a partnership with Suzuki to develop flying cars.

SkyDrive, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has announced a partnership with Suzuki to develop flying cars. The two companies will work together on the “flying car” project, which is expected to be completed.

According to the agreement, SkyDrive will provide the technology for the flying cars, while Suzuki will handle the manufacturing and marketing. The two companies hope that the project will help them “lead the industry in creating new mobility solutions.”

So far, there are no details about how the cars will work or what they will look like. However, Suzuki says that it plans to show off a prototype next year.

Testing for the flying cars will take place in Japan later this year. Suzuki has entered into a deal with SkyDrive, a Japanese company, to test the feasibility of the project. The cars will be able to fly for 10 minutes and reach a height of 100 meters. If the testing is successful, Suzuki plans to begin mass production of the vehicles.

Flying automobiles could be seen in India’s future skies. A flying automobile (also known as roadable aviation) is a vehicle that can be used both as a personal vehicle and as a plane. This refers to motorbikes and vehicles that can be driven on roads. Hovercars can also be called “flying vehicles” at times. Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corp announced Tuesday that it had partnered with SkyDrive Inc, a flying car company, to develop and market electric, vertical takeoff, and touchdown planes.

The two companies announced that they would work together to expand their reach into new markets, beginning with India where Suzuki controls about half the market. Suzuki announced plans for investing 104.4 billion rupees ($1.37 million) in India’s manufacturing business to produce electric vehicles and batteries. They did not disclose the details of their partnership, nor did they set a target or timeline for manufacturing.

SkyDrive is based in Tokyo and has many Japanese corporations as stockholders. This includes buying and selling home Itochu Corp and NEC Corp and a unit from Eneos Holdings Inc.

According to reports it raised 5.1 billion Japanese yen ($42m) in total Series B financing in 2020. SkyDrive is currently developing a two-seat electric-powered flying vehicle. Full-scale production is in the planning stages.

However, the statement didn’t specify whether Suzuki would be working on that particular vehicle. The company is also working on freight drones and plans to offer “flying automobiles” in Osaka during the 2025 World Expo. As the fourth business in mobility, the alliance will also include “flying automobiles” for Suzuki.