Popular music streaming company Spotify is working to introduce a new live lyrics feature. The company has started testing the feature. The feature will show the lyrics of a song live on the screen. It is similar to Apple Music’s live lyrics feature. Spotify is currently testing the feature in the United States. The on-screen lyrics is a widely requested feature. Spotify users were demanding the feature for a long. According to the company, the whole point of introducing the live lyrics feature is to measure the demand for lyrics in its user pool in America. Spotify is a Swedish company.

The music streaming company confirmed that it is testing a new feature to show lyrics of a song live on the screen in the US. Spotify is testing the feature with limited users. Spotify said that it regularly conducts tests with new tools to improve users’ experience. Spotify expects to attract new customers with the introduction of the new feature. It said that the live lyrics will make the platform more engaging. Notably, the new feature will not show up for all Spotify users. The company said that it is using A/B testing. This is aimed at determining the demand for the feature in the US market.

The company said that the feature will be powered by Musixmatch. Musixmatch is a music data firm based in Italy. Spotify didn’t confirm the date of the live lyrics feature’s rollout. But its American users expect that the feature to be made available soon. The feature is already available in 26 markets worldwide. Apple introduced the live lyrics feature to Apple Music with the launch of iOS 13 in 2019. The feature is available for almost all songs on Apple Music. In another related development, Spotify is testing a Stories feature for its playlists. It is similar to the Stories feature on Instagram. Spotify has over 124 million premium subscribers globally. Spotify believes that its investments in podcasts have evoked a positive impact on the conversion rate of free to premium users.