SpaceX once again failed to safely land its Starship prototype after a successful flight. SpaceX said that the SN10 Starship prototype managed to land at the designated site after carrying out a high-altitude test flight. But it exploded minutes after landing on the launching pad in Texas. Starship is a next-generation heavy-lift rocket. It is being developed by SpaceX. It wants to develop a fully reusable system. SpaceX is owned by space enthusiastic Elon Musk. He cheered the successful landing of Starship SN10 saying it is in one piece. But later he tweeted ‘RIP SN10’. The object behind testing the SN10 was to demonstrate the rocket’s movements using the computer.

SpaceX said that it wanted to showcase how Starship’s aerodynamic flaps work. The four flaps control the movement of the rocket as its descent before landing. The company said that the prototype slowly descended on its landing pad. It even made a soft touchdown. But it was leaning slightly to the side. The prototype then exploded on the launching pad minutes later. Starship’s last prototype SN9 too had exploded. SpaceX had completed a high-altitude test flight. But the prototype exploded on landing. SpaceX said that SN9’s all flaps enabled the precise landing of the prototype at the planned location. But the vehicle’s one of four Raptor engines failed to relight while landing. This caused SN9 to make a harsh landing and the vehicle exploded.

Starship is developing Starship that will take humans to Mars. Musk has already said that he wants to build a city on the Red Planet and developing an ambitious spacecraft to take humans to the planet. The company is developing prototypes to find the right design for the vehicle. SpaceX said that the test flights will help the engineers to iron out the issues and develop a robust system to transport humans to Mars and deep into space. Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration has launched a probe into the explosion of the first Starship rocket. The rocket had exploded in December 2020 while landing.