Everybody wants to stay cool and stay away from the hot sun in summer and wants to stay warm in winters. Many of us have dreamed about a pocket AC which you can carry everywhere you go, in this case, Sony might fulfill your dream. The company plans to manufacture a small device – Reon Pocket – that can fit in the shirt and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winters. This device can be attached on the back of a designer shirt near the neck and can be operated through the mobile app. Reon pocket and mobile phone are connected via Bluetooth, and allow to adjust the temperature at the touch on its smartphone app.

Sony will start the manufacturing of the device once the crowdfunding for the gadget will complete. If all will go well, probably the device will be available from next year, March 2020. After listed on First Flight crowdfunding site, the device has raised more than 69 Mn JPY (US$ 636K) from 4,200 supporters till date. It already has exceeded the target of 66 Mn JPY (US$ 607K) with 20 days left for the campaign, which is scheduled to end on mid-Aug 2019. The device measures 54x20x116mm and weigh approximately 85g, with 24 hours of battery life and get charged in two hours. It can help in reducing the discomfort caused by crowded train heat, hot summer outings, cold winter outings, etc., and provide comfort in these seasons.

The Reon pocket device will be available in two versions, a light version, and a standard version. The light version can be controlled via a Bluetooth paired smartphone and manually only. Whereas, a standard version also allows air volume control with an auto-adjusting mode that controls the ambient temperature according to the surrounding. In addition, the cost of the light version available with the special shirt will be around US$ 115, while the cost of the standard version with a shirt will be US$ 140.