Everyone likes Popeyes delicious chicken sandwiches, but it seems like some like it more than anything else. According to recent reports from Houston, a group of four people came into the Popeyes restaurant and ordered chicken sandwiches. However, because of the high demand waiter told them there is no chicken sandwich left. That group of four people didn’t want to hear that, and immediately one of those guys pulled out a gun. Group of four people, included two men and two women, one man seemed to be carrying a weapon with him. When the man pulled out the gun, all employees got frightened, and they ran to the back of the restaurant.

Police said that the group of four people was aged between 17-20 and they are looking for these teenagers. When employees made a mess, those people got scared and got out of the restaurant in an old SUV which a woman was driving. The police said this wasn’t the only mess which this group created because later they threw an empty can through the window while driving through the lane ferociously.

The popeyes chicken sandwich got national craze and people went crazy for those. However, because of high demand, some chain restaurants of popeyes were not selling chicken sandwiches. But last month the restaurant announced that they are restarting the selling of chicken sandwiches all over the country. Even that sell did not last for more than two weeks because of high demand from the customers. When asked about the shortage of sandwiches, popeyes said they are facing this problem because of the extravagant demand they received from the customers. Incidents like this are enough to scare people, and now some might not even want to eat chicken sandwiches because of security issues.