Microsoft announced the addition of tons of new features for the Outlook for Web service. With the new additions, the users will be able to schedule and manage the meetings through Outlook for Web quickly. A brand new framework powers the new features, and the update will be rolled out in the coming few days for all of the users. The main feature that the company gave more focus is the “Meetings Insights”, which allows the users to schedule, manage, cancel and modify the meetings.

With this feature, the users can find every bit of available information about the meetings. The element will gather all the data from your inbox about the conference and will share the report once the meeting is over as per schedule. Also, with this feature, you can access all of the files shared in the meeting session, be it on the email, SharePoint or any other way supported. In short, the users will find every bit of information about the upcoming and past meeting on this page including the emails, files and many other things. For professional users, the Meeting Insights will work as a pretty handy feature.

Another addition is the Smart reply feature. It is based on the essential reply feature that was announced in September Last year. The smart reply feature will identify if the user is going to schedule the meeting, and will automatically show the option. It is very similar to the “smart attachment” feature on Gmail, which checks if the user is willing to attach any file and shows the message if he didn’t do so. Another scheduling option added allows the users to change the meeting time according to the free time of multiple users. If a meeting has numerous participants, then the conference can be scheduled considering free time available to every participant.