Google Pixel smartphones are great to run the Android OS with ease. Google is providing the software support for the recently released Pixel smartphones till 2021. The capability of these Google smartphones is way beyond the imagination. An Indie developer has run the Google’s new Fuchsia OS on the Pixel 3 XL smartphone successfully. The Fuchsia OS is the latest open-source project from Google that is expected to replace the Android and the Chrome OS on smartphone and tablet computers. The Fuchsia OS project represents the vision of the company after Android runs out of alphabets to rename their versions.

An independent operating system that can run efficiently on the smartphones and computers without any issues. Although the project is in the development phase, an Indie developer has tried his hands on the incomplete source and successfully ran the operating system. The operating is nothing but the command line interface at this time, but the Pixel 3 XL support for upcoming operating system indicates the willingness of Google to use their own devices for testing. The Pixel 3 XL natively supports the Fuchsia OS as of now, but the process of installation is very tricky as there is no touch or USB support.

We’ve already seen the Fuchsia OS UI in the leaked video, but the open source build does not have any UI as of now. The simple Command Line UI suggests nothing but the native support for Pixel smartphones. Google has not announced the exact date on which the Fuchsia will replace the Android marking an end of the era of Android smartphones, but it will take a few more years for the company to develop this OS further and launch it publically.