American health insurance company Humana is planning to expand its health plan Medicare Advantage HMO into new counties in the year 2021. The insurer is planning to expand its plan in 125 counties with the aim of competing with rivals. The company wants a greater share of the fast-growing government business. With new plan offerings, Humana is expecting to reach more than 3 million beneficiaries in the coming year. At the moment, the company has around 4.5 million subscribers for its Medicare Advantage plan. It will now offer these plans in at least 39 new counties in 2021. With this, the number of counties in the company’s Medicare Advantage portfolio will increase to 2,709 from the current 2,670.

The insurer also announced that it has plans to launch PPO plans in at least 98 new counties. In 2021, most of the Humana MA members will also have access to the company’s health and wellness program Go365. It rewards members for improving their health behaviors. The company said that it is trying to enable safe education and enrollment for beneficiaries, called Humana Care. Retail segment president Alan Wheatley said that their aim to deliver what matters most for the company’s members. Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage is set to start on October 15. The market is key for the big national payers as it continues to grow and the company plans to prove quite profitable.

Humana has also announced several programs that will be available within its plans, such as USD 0 copayments to avail primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health visits across. The company said that it will send care kits to members of its MA plans. The plan includes also include a kit to assist in preventing the spread of coronavirus and flu. Members diagnosed with the COVID-19 can avail of a USD 0 copay for treatment. The company will offer up to 28 meals or 14-day of home meal delivery, while members isolate with the virus.