Google is planning to host a launch event for the Pixel 4 smartphone. The event is not just for the launch of Pixel smartphone, but will also have other announcements too. According to the reports, Google will announce the redesigned version of Google Nest Wifi modules. With the new Wifi beacons, Google is planning to launch the Google Nex Wifi modules with Google-Assistant enabled. From now on, the modules will have Google Assistant and will work as Wifi dongle and also the smart speaker.

Usually, people use multiple Google Nex Wifi Modules to cover the entire house in a Wifi network. With multiple units in different parts of the home, it is now easy for the users to access Google Assistant from anywhere in the home. Just an “Ok Google” and you can give commands to the assistant. Not just the main router, but the secondary modules will have the new design and new colour scheme. Also, the entire system will be renamed as “Google Nest” wifi modules. Just like the second-generation Google Home Mini smart speakers, these beacons will work by providing all-around access to Google Assistant and also the Wifi.

As of now, Google has not shared any details about the upcoming launch event, except for the Google Pixel 4 smartphones. Also, it is unclear if the Primary router will have Google Assistant or just the secondary modules. There is no information available about the pricing of the new redesigned Nex Wifi modules. Currently, Google sells the Nex Wifi for $99 single unit and $259 for three-unit package. Fortunately, the current version of Google Nex routers will support adding the new smart beacons. So, the users won’t have to purchase the entire set of wifi system, but only the add-on beacons to cover the home.