A statistic that is made quite frequently refers to the fact that Apple App Store makes twice the amount of money compare to Google Play Store. This is even after the fact that the Play Store is much larger and also caters to more number of customers. It seems that the dichotomy extends well beyond only the basic sales and goes into the successes achieved for the first time as well. As per the app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the number of application publishers, which had their first success of million dollars this year, is also halved on the Google Play Store, in comparison to the App Store.

As per Sensor Tower, there were a total of 88 publishers during this year, who made their first-ever $1 million on the Play Store. On the other hand, there were 164 such kinds of developers on the Apple App Store during the same period of time. Though it seems as if Apple will always have the upper hand when it comes to the level of income from their app store, one thing must be noted that Google is making profits at a rapid manner. Last year, the Apple App Store had 143 million dollar developers, which has grown by 15 per cent this year. Meanwhile, the Google Play Store had grown by 24 per cent this year, from their 71 million-dollar publishers in the year 2017.

Most of the publishers, who have earned their first ever million this year, had created games. However, games are not really dominating the list as much this year as they were in 2017. The Applications in the categories of Lifestyle and Health managed to come up with some big gains. No matter what the numbers suggest, both the app stores are performing better than what they have ever done before. The two stores had a combined download of 113 billion this year. They have spent an amount of $76 billion and what’s more, the year is not over yet