The tech giant company Google is trying to reopen the offices from July 6 and will be welcoming some of its staff. Since the reopening of the economy is going to be done, and it’s necessary, Google has decided to open the offices from July 6. Google is reportedly going to work at only 10% of total capacity and targeting to reach 30% of the capacity by the end of September. Big tech giant companies like Facebook, Google are trying to make sure their workers are safe, and that’s why they are given orders to work from home. Pichai said that while making this announcement, those working will receive $1000 compensation for getting required equipment like chairs, furniture, etc.

Things are entirely changing frequently in tech giant companies because after the Coronavirus outbreak happened, Mark Zuckerberg said his company is going to adapt work from home routine. Twitter also made the same announcement of telling workers to work from home. Sundar Pichai also made a similar announcement. Even though not all but Google will be trying to get some of its workers back to the offices. Google has already made a considerable amount of investment in big offices at various places across the country.

Tech giant company is famous for providing a healthy working environment for all the workers, and maybe that’s why they are trying to call up the staff. Google has significant headquarters in Mountain View, California, San Jose, and New York City also. Not using these offices will not be profitable for the company, so that’s why the company is filling up the vacant offices slowly. Pichai, in the end, said the physical spaces are necessary for everyone to work; even though the current situation doesn’t allow it, long term objectives required offices.