Google is getting ready to launch Android Q operating system with system-wide dark mode. To support the dark mode, Google is prepping its native apps for Dark mode. According to the developers, Google is adding the dark mode in Google Calendar and Google Fi apps for Android. The strings and other references related to the dark mode were found in the Calendar and Fi apps for Android. As of now, the dark mode development is not yet complete as the App still has some bright spots.

The Widget of data counter shows the remaining data allowance for Google Fi users will have the dark mode when the user enables the Battery Saver mode. The dark mode will result in decreased battery consumption as the Live Data consumption counter is quite bright and consumes a lot of battery power. But the Version 14 contains the strings, that indicates the feature of Dark Mode. The counter shows the black background and blue indicator for consumed data. The Dark mode in Google Fi app can be activated manually. Also, the Google Calendar app has got the Dark Mode feature integration coming soon.

The updated version of Google Calendar has only got the reference strings for the Dark Mode feature. There are no other details available about the developments with the Calendar and Fi apps. But, the strings in the codes provide us enough details about the upcoming feature. Well, the development is the part of the integration of Dark Mode in the Android Q ecosystem. Android Q is coming with the system-wide dark mode feature, which will help the users to reduce the strain on the eyes and also to save the battery power. As of now, the Beta version of Android Q is out for testing, and soon the public release will make a debut.