Search engine giant Google is expanding the dark mode feature to more products. The company has again started testing the dark mode for its search website. Google last year briefly tested the dark mode. It tested the new mode for desktops and laptops. But it halted the testing without elaborating. Google has once again started testing the feature. Notably, Google has already added support for the dark mode on Google Search for Android. The company is now working to bring the feature to desktop and laptop users. Google has so far not issued any official statement on when the dark mode will be made available to users worldwide. It is unlikely that Google will provide the dark mode support anytime soon.

Google said that it is committed to improving user experience by introducing and improvising new features. The company said that testing new feature is a part of its strategy to offer better services. The company will add a new option in the Setting. Users will be able to switch to the dark mode by making changes in the Setting option. They will be provided with options to change the theme to dark and light as well. There will also be an option for System Default. Choosing the System Default will let users match the current theme of the operating system.

When a user will select the dark theme, it will change the background to dark. But it will not convert the background completely black. The background theme will change to a very dark grey. The text will automatically change to white from black. In the default mode wherein the background is white, the text appears black. The links will, however, remain blue in the dark mode also. Notably, Google has already rolled out dark mode to its multiple services. The dark mode is available on Gmail and Google Calendar. The dark mode has been in high demand for the last few years. Besides Google, several other companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook have also rolled the dark mode for many of their services.