Computer systems are majorly categorized into general-purpose computer systems like personal computers, embedded systems like temperature control systems, and real-time systems like braking control systems. General-purpose computing systems are more flexible to use for different types of functions, whereas embedded systems are designed to use for very specific function as a part of large system.

Embedded Computer system is a microcontroller or microprocessor based devised implemented as part of a larger device, intelligent system or installation. Embedded computer system is also known as box pc, gateway, controller, industrial PC, etc. It plays an important role in the development of Internet of Things (IoT), enabling connections between devices, people, things, and the cloud. Cell phones, washing machines, cameras, printers, automobiles, industrial machines, etc. are some common example of embedded computers.

The embedded computer system is used to control, monitor, or make a specific function of electronic device by performing a fixed set of commands, programs, and rules, which includes data processing, reading inputs, display output, generation & transition of data, etc.

Increasing applications for high-speed network and machine-to-machine IoT devices such as smartphone-enabled remote control, robotics, and traffic control systems are some important factors in the market

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$186,137.8 Mn

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Smart meter is an electronic device used to record consumption of electricity, water, or gas. Smart meters also offer various advantages such as helping utility providers in order to monitor usage of their services and enable customers to identify opportunities for savings electricity, gas, or water by recording and analyzing accordingly.

Types of embedded computers are of ARM, X86, and PowerPC. Embedded computers are used in various application across many industries such as defense & aerospace, communications, medical, and others. Apart from such applications, embedded computers are present in various aspects of everyday living such as in education, entertainment, science and communication. Embedded computers are also used in fire safety, medical applications, transportation, and safety and security applications.

In telecom infrastructure use embedded system in telephone switches, routers, mobile phones, and network bridges. Embedded computer boards are used as a back-end process in the networking area to increase the speed of Internet.

The global embedded computer market was valued at US$ 186,137.8 Mn in 2018 and is projected to increase at a significant CAGR of 6.1% over the next 10 years.

Early adoption of new and advanced technologies by various companies in North America can lead to high demand for embedded computer to a significant extent. In Asia Pacific, awareness regarding such technologies, new products, and its benefits will result in high adoption rate of such embedded computer in the years to come.

Many product and service providers are focusing on development of innovative products coupled with technological advancements in order to enhance their product offerings. Strategic mergers and acquisitions also play an important role in order to strengthen company’s financial condition and enhance its geographical presence across the globe.

Some of the major players operating and profiled in the global embedded computer market report include Advantech, Kontron, Artesyn, Abaco, Radisys, DFI, ADLINK, Avalue, IEI Technology, Eurotech, and Nexcom.