Compression and shapewear are one of the skintight attires and clothes that are helpful in stimulating blood circulation and helps in stabilizing muscles. These compression and shapewear attires are helpful in serving the purpose of covering the body by giving body a tight fit or contour by enhancing the shape. Compression wear and shapewear gives an impression of a firm, toned, and fit body figure. Compression and shapewear apparels are helpful in improving stamina and body balance, and helpful in controlling the temperature of the body. These shapewears are apparel which was mostly accepted by 1900’s just because of the effect of fashion globally. These are helpful in squishing and squeezing extreme fat from the body therefore, the body appears relatively slimmer. Compression wear is bottoms, stockings, tops sleeves, socks, & others and bottoms are among the most commonly used compression wears.

The following factors are the driving compression wear and shapewear markets growth such as a rising per capita income level of most of the individuals, increasing developments and improvements in the garment designs and fabric technology, there is a rise in acceptance of compression wear among the geriatric population. In addition, changing lifestyle of most of the individuals, and increasing demand for compression wear and shapewear from various fitness sectors in urban areas and increasing participation of many individuals in various sports activities are driving the growth of the target market. Due to health issues such as acid reflux, breathing problem, and blood clots caused from tightly worn compression and shapewear is restraining the market growth to certain extent. Increasing innovative marketing and promotion as well as development schemes are among some of the opportunities for the players operating in the target market.

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$ 4,211.1 Mn

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$ 8,329.8 Mn

There are five compression wear and shapewear available on the basis of the type such as socks, waist cincher, shirts, pants, and bra. The waist cincher is mostly used as it widely used by the women’s and increasing female interest in various fitness activities and comfortable clothing, and rising participation of women in various sports activities. There are three types of compression wear and shapewear available in different applications such as athletic use, medical use, and contour body shape. These compression wear and shapewear are mostly used for athletic use as there is an increasing demand for these apparels within the athletes and health-conscious individuals.

Demand from North America and Europe market for compression and shapewear is growing due to, increasing number of working women population that are mostly preferring fashionable and stylish shapewear in countries in the region. In addition, increasing government initiatives for these compression wear and shapewear apparels. Moreover, the adoption rate of compression and shapewear is higher in Asia Pacific countries owing to, increasing usage of these compression wear and shapewear among most of the individuals and inclination towards westernized fashion.

The compression and shapewear market consists of the large number of market players including IRhythm, Sensium Healthcare, Vancive Medical, Medtronic/Zephyr Technology, ILece, Proteus Digital Health, Blue Spark, Chrono Therapeutics, G-Tech Medical, STEMP, Preventice, Gentag Inc., and Vital Connect.