Firefox users all over the world are currently facing the problem of add-ons not working. The problem started 4th May midnight according to the Greenwich Meantime. The intermediate signing certificate for the Firefox add-ons expired, and that’s why people from all over the world are facing problems with the add-ons. Mozilla’s bug tracker explains the cause of the problem as “Expiration of intermediate signing certificate,” which is essential to keep the add-ons working correctly on the Firefox browser. The issue is still not fixed after being reported by multiple users.

Due to this problem, currently installed add-ons are not working for the users and also the new installations are currently disabled due to the expired intermediate signing certificate. Mozilla’s Project Lead Kev Needham apologized on behalf of the company on delay for fixing the problem with an expired certificate, and also he noted that the company would keep all of the Firefox users updated with the progress on their Twitter handle. The developer team from Firefox is currently working on the issue of fixing the expired certificate and the broken add-on functionality in the browser. After the statement from Firefox’s Product Lead, it is clear that the issue will take more than the expected time to get fixed and the users might have to wait for some more time.

For the advanced users, there is a small workaround or a trick to enable the add-ons without the signing certificate. The users with the developer or Nightly build of Firefox can follow the trick to disable the Certificate checking and start using the add-ons immediately. From “about: config” page, the users have to disable “xpinstall.signatures.required” value and then they can use currently installed add-ons or even install some new add-ons. Also, reverting to the older version of Firefox is helpful for everyday users.