While everyone is trying to avoid going into the public and following social distancing, experts are worried about the mental health patient’s condition. We are facing financial, health-related issues because of the coronavirus outbreak; experts think it is also impacting severally on the mental health of people. A recent study done by experts shows that more than 56 % of the people surveyed said they are witnessing anxiety or stress because of lockdown. Search data indicates the one thing that mental health cannot be ignored during heart time, and those who are already suffering might get hit because of it.

Experts are saying people who suffer from severe depression or societal thoughts need to take care because not having any social connection might make their situation worse. Since the lockdown is going on, people with mental health issues are not able to meet anyone to discuss their problems, but this issue needs full attention. The government is trying to reopen the economy, which will increase the number of coronavirus cases. Still, it might also help mentally ill people who are facing more problems during this lockdown phase.

The leading doctor said there are typically three reasons behind the stress in people, which includes too much thinking about the future, coronavirus impact on health, and economic problems. People with mental health issues are thinking about these things more than anything because of which they need the right amount of attention so that they will feel relieved.

Disaster Distress Helpline has witnessed a massive amount of spike in calls from people who are suffering from anxiety or stress, and that’s a good thing that people are willing to talk about. However, more human interaction is what everyone needs right now since mental health issues could get resolved by discussion. Experts are advising people to talk about these things to their closed ones whom they can meet every day or discuss things over a voice call.