Activists from the climate group started a protest against Amazon in France and shut down the company’s warehouse. Climate group Amis De La Terre was seen to be on the driveways in the south of Paris with lots of hoarding showing amazon to stop overproduction. The protest was a surprise for everyone because no one saw that coming, and since the protests were getting more prominent, police had to intervene. The police came and removed all the hoardings along with protestors who shared the same tagline of “Amazon: For the climate, for jobs, stop expansion, stop overproduction!”.

However, Amazon shouldn’t get worried about this protest, but the later one which climate change protesters are planning to do during black Friday. This group of protestors is planning to do a rally to stop the Black Friday sale. Amazon sites might get down if they succeed in doing this grand protest of saving the environment. Climate change activists are using “Block Friday” phenomena to stop extravagant sale happens during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

However, this is not the first time when Amazon has faced such a type of protest because last year also, the tech giant company met with similar outcries. In France, it’s been witnessed that during black Friday, customers are getting more violent and that that’s why lawmakers here are trying to put a stop on it. Black Friday concept has origin from the USA, but since it has become a global phenomenon, many retailers in France also uses this event to make a massive amount of sales. The committee of lawmakers in France has passed an amendment recently to ban black Friday sales, which might create more problems for giant companies like Amazon, who expect to generate a tremendous amount of revenue. This amendment hasn’t been approved yet, but next month delegates will discuss this matter and make their decision.