Space enthusiast Elon Musk has once again rejiggled his Twitter bio. Musk has described himself as Imperator of Mars. The latest update has triggered talks about Musk’s next move in space technology. Musk has publicly said that he wants to set up a colony on Mars. He wants to send humans to the Red Planet. Musk’s SpaceX is currently testing a technology that will take humans to Mars. The private aerospace company is developing a rocket. The rocket is called Starship. Starship is described as a super-heavy launch vehicle. The company is currently testing its prototype to find the right design. Sending humans to Mars is a complex task and therefore accuracy is a key aspect in finding the right design along with technology.

Musk’s new bio has added curiosity about his next plan. The word imperator originally means commander in chief. Several world agencies have been struggling to develop a technology to send humans to Mars. However, NASA is the only agency that has unsuccessfully landed and operated multiple rovers on the Red Planet’s surface. It is yet to send humans to the planet. The billionaire is working in close coordination with NASA to advance the mission. He has set a target to send 1 million people by 2050 on the planet. Notably, Musk’s SpaceX has tested prototypes of Starship. However, these rockets have not delivered the expected results. These rockets have erupted in a fireball soon after landing.

SpaceX has said that it will build a fleet of 1,000 Starships that will take humans to Mars. Musk’s goal is to launch three Starships daily. He wants to make Mars travel available to all. Once ready for launch, Starship will be the most powerful system ever created by any agency in the world for deep space travel and a trip to Mars. The 387-foot rocket will carry 100 people in every launch. Previously, Musk had in March changed his official bio. He had added Technoking to his profile. Musk also owns the world’s one of the largest electric vehicle company Tesla. His Twitter bio described him as the Technoking of Tesla. The company’s filing however shows him as the CEO of Tesla.