The very first thing that comes into our mind, before going through the topic is what is health? So, health is nothing but a condition of complete physical, mental along with spiritual well-being. It involves maintenance of the body and ensuring precautionary measures to minimise the possibility of developing various complaints. Having a good health should be a top-most priority for any individual. Life without good health is same as chocolate without cocoa and army without soldiers.

Each and every individual need to maintain a blooming life in order to live life to the fullest. Having good health is of core importance to individual happiness because if a person leads a healthy ethos, the body remains healthy and the mind is active and fresh as well as helps a person to perform their daily routine in a smooth manner. Now, by concluding these benefits, it’s obvious that we all have to achieve good healthy by adapting a few healthy lifestyle changes, like, consuming healthy meals that can boost immune system and significantly improve the health, exercise and physical activities on a daily basis, getting enough sleep etc.

Simply put, the health of an individual is not something that is to be ignored. Having good health is directly related to leading a productive life. So, due to top-most priority of health, Apple is focusing on come-up with health, prosperity and advanced technologies for customers across the globe. In order to cope with health concerns, Apple launched Health app on almost all Apple devices.

Apple Health is a health and fitness app – it’s the all-white icon with a red/pink heart in the top right corner – and it is a stock app that means it is automatically downloaded onto your iPhone like Photos, Clock, Contacts, Messages, etc. It is a stunning approach as almost every individual nowadays, have immersed in an electronic gadget. Apple introduced Apple Health on iPhone and Apple Watch. This Health App is designed in such a way that it gathers health-related data from users iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices that they use. It is designed for providing convenience to the user so that they can review their progress in a single convenient place.

The App is built to keep the data secure and protect the privacy of the user. Although having access through the iPhone and Apple Watch, most customers are still not fully aware of the Apple Health features. Users need to become friendly with the iPhone first, before approaching the newly developed Health App. First, they need to set up a profile that requires their basic information like name, sex, date of birth etc. Users are also required to fill the information like blood type, skin type, medications, any allergies etc. While giving these health-related details we are providing source to the App for its smooth functioning so that it can generate the required information efficiently.