Since everyone is worried about their health and being healthy during this pandemic situation, some crooks are using it as an opportunity to do not such kind acts. According to recent reports from the FBI, an incident happened in Chicago that a thief hid his identity by using coronavirus masks and took items and cash without any fear. The said criminal first entered the store, grabbed the things ferociously, and demanded money from Clarke showing him a small pistol over the counter. The reports presented in the court show similar incidents happening in the other four gas stations where robbers and rogues using the coronavirus masks to do nasty things.

The police chief said that criminals are smart people who are using this opportunity of lockdown to rob people and using these masks at their advantage. Since the situation has gotten worse, people who get outside require to wear masks and latex gloves. Usually, people who wear these things and enter into a bank would be considered as a robber, but now they are termed as the concerned citizens. In March at Aqueduct racetrack New York, a robber robbed three men who had a quarter of millions of dollars moving the money to the safe.

Things like these are increasing every day because now robbers are using the lockdown situation to loot people in the form of cash or valuable belongings they are carrying. Nowadays, people can comfortably wear masks and don’t have to fear to reveal their identity since it’s part of the norm now. Now such types of things are creating more significant problems for the country’s policemen trying to protect people from the robbers. Police have advised people to follow safety precautions along with CDC informed health advisory notes.