On Monday, the US CDC has declared another shocking aspect regarding the novel strain of coronavirus. Reportedly, traces of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus can last for more time on certain surfaces than previous estimations. As per the latest CDC reports, the coronavirus lasted for around 17 days on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Experts warn that the COVID-19 strain is living for more time than previous researches have revealed. The federal study has surveyed the U.S. and Japanese government efforts to cover the COVID-19 epidemic on two ships. Grand Princess Ship in California and Carnival-owned Diamond Princess Ship in Japan are the two ships involved in the study.

Previous passengers did not have had any indications while on board. But, after landing on-shore, they tested positive for COVID-19. Thus, officials decided to isolate people aboard both ships, including crew members. The researchers said they have had found the virus on various sides of the cabins. Notably, they have identified strains in the compartments of both asymptomatic and symptomatic infected passengers. The CDC has noted that the virus remained there for up to 2.4 weeks after vacating the cabins on the Diamond Princess cruise.

The federal agency stated in its report that coronavirus aboard cruises ships represents a danger for speedy spread of disease. Even more, it may lead to outbreaks in a vulnerable community. The CDC said it would require aggressive efforts to control spread. The trail includes the participation of researchers from various agencies like ULCA, NIH, CDC, and Princeton University. The team has noted that SARS-CoV-2 can survive on stainless steel and plastic for up to three days. That research has also discovered that the number of viruses that remained on cabin surfaces, decreased after a time.

The trial aimed to find out how transmission took place across various tours of several ships. The researchers have noted that up to March 17, there were at least 25 cruise ship journeys having confirmed cases of coronavirus. Notably, passengers have been diagnosed with the disease either while or after the trip. The research report has revealed that COVID-19 has had infected around 19.2% or 712 out of 3,711 people aboard Diamond Princess. Above all, the Grand Princess and Diamond Princess have accounted for over 800 cases of coronavirus, inclusive of 10 deaths.