The coronavirus pandemic is spreading across nations across the globe. Meanwhile, various myths regarding the illness are becoming viral on multiple platforms, including social networks. On the other hand, tech giants like Google and social networking sites like Facebook are making every possible effort to reveal precise and authentic information regarding coronavirus. Even the World Health Organization and other health agencies are attempting to make people aware of the virus. Now a new study reveals the new strain of coronavirus can spread through the air. Researchers from the National Strategic Research Institute of Nebraska, the UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center), and others have made the discovery. During the joint study, the researchers have discovered a genetic material of the virus that leads to COVID-19 disease.

Notably, the material was present in air samples taken from the interior and exterior of the rooms containing confirmed cases of coronavirus. Even more, the findings provide little evidence that some chances for airborne transmissions remain. But the researchers have also warned that the results do not validate COVID-19 can spread through the air. While seeking to better understand viral shedding, the researchers have discovered the genetic material of the virus on common usage items like toilets. They wrote, not only they have found the virus in air samplers from passages where the staff members were coming and going.

In the end, the researchers have concluded that these discoveries specify that the illness might transmit via both direct and indirect contact. They also recommend airborne isolation safety measures to avoid the spreading of COVID-19. The scientists have noted that even the people having a mild illness can also produce aerosols of coronavirus and infect surfaces that may pose a threat of virus transmission. The authors of the study also said that the outcomes highlight the importance of PPEs (personal protective equipment) and the use of negative air pressure compartments for confirmed patients of coronavirus. According to the CDC, researchers are still functioning to understand how the new virus transmits from one person to another. Meanwhile, some scientists have claimed that the virus can spread via the digestive tract, particularly from the fecal-oral route.