On June 13, 2018, power-generating windmills and power lines rise above the rural landscape. Global spending on renewable energy sources was actually driven by falling costs, but, now it is improving investment in electricity from nuclear power and fossil fuels. Going green is not that easy as easily it is said. However, nowadays, companies are teaming up and buying more and more renewable energy. There is a new business organization which is trying to make things easier in the renewable energy field. It is focusing on giant energy buyers and making efforts to make renewable energy easily accessible to the US.

Corporate giants from different fields which include General Motors, Walmart, Johnson and Johnson, etc. are building a trade association for representing firms that buy renewable energy while removing the barrios which make it difficult to go away from carbon. Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is the name of this new organization. It is working on joining climate advocacy nonprofits and corporations to make years of pending work successful. Almost 200 companies, universities and cities are involved in this at present.

The CEO of the new trade group, Miranda Ballentine, says that this organization will be helpful in pushing public policies and energy markets to easily choose and buy renewable energy. She also says that it is not easy for companies to choose renewable energy. Today, there are so many options available in the market for renewables and hence it is all the more difficult for anyone to choose it. So, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is making it easier to just go out and buy it; though there are a number of barriers in this process.

Companies cannot say that they want power or energy from a certain project and they can’t even contract for a particular source of power or energy directly. There are technological challenges as well in some cases. Some technologies, solar and wind, for instance, do not produce 24/7. They can produce only when the sun is shining and winds are blowing. Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance i.e. REBA will make efforts to push utilities to provide greener options and to support technological innovation as well.