The political, and business war is still going on in between the world’s two largest nations China and USA. Chinese officials have trolled the US over the ongoing protests done by people for the protest of a black man’s murder in the custody of police officers. Chinese officials trolled the US for not handling the situation carefully since a group of people has looted many stores by turning this protest into violence. The Chinese government has passed some security legislation when it comes to maintaining the protests in Hong Kong, which are going on from last year. China is bringing new law which gives the USA a power to treat Hong Kong differently than a part of China.

During this whole time, Trump used this point to criticize China and the way the government works there. Since George Floyd was killed under the custody of police in the USA, things have gotten to the next level. Many people are protesting violently. Chinese officials have used this incident for their wellness by criticizing the government for handling the situation carefully because the protest has gotten a violent turn. Many retail stores which operate in various locations near to the incident happened to be closed down immediately.

Trump is soon going to meet the security council to talk about the ongoing situation. Still, Chinese media and government is using this opportunity to show the darker side of American governments. They are criticizing Trump and the way the government operates during a hard situation like this one. Chinese officials are using twitter also to criticize those leaders in the USA who said China is oppressing hong Kong. The trade war tension, along with geopolitics against China, is becoming a big problem for the Trump administration.