Apple Goes to Supreme Court to Deal the Antitrust Issue

It was a few months earlier that a lawsuit accused Apple Inc. of over-monopolizing the market when it comes to distributing apps made for iOS. It was observed that the company doesn’t allow competitors to create an alternative from where a user can download apps for iPhone or iPad. Now, the Cupertino-based company is moving to the Supreme court, where it would be appealing to get the lawsuit ended. This lawsuit, if put on the right manner, would force Apple to stop charging the 30% commission that it is charging for app sales in the iOS App Store.

Depending on what happens at the Supreme Court, things may change in favor or against Apple. If Apple is able to defend itself, the lawsuit may end and the company could continue. On the other hand, upon failing to make the defense, there is a chance that the judge can triple the compensation, also forcing the company to stop the practices. Throughout the issue, Apple has maintained that it does not exert ownership of apps or sell those apps, dumping all the responsibility to the developer. However, the lawsuit has made clear that Apple Inc. imposes a number of restrictions when it comes to publishing apps on App Store.

“Apple is a sales and distribution agent for developers. Apple’s core argument has always been that any injury to consumers necessarily depends on developer pass-through decisions, since Apple does not set apps prices,” says the company in the court filing. The company has admitted that it’s charging 30% commissions from developers but adds that the particular issue should be raised by developers and not the customers. It should be noted that, according to Apple, the prices are decided by the developers themselves. Apple has been receiving the support of Trump administration throughout the issue.

Jissmol Mathew

She has been in the industry and conducts in-depth data analysis, revenue and volume forecasting, and data extraction through extensive primary and secondary research efforts. Her core expertise lies in technology, apart from supporting projects in other domains as well.