When you are working at a company, one thing which you would want is an excellent workplace environment. According to recent reports, it’s been officially declared that Amazon’s Seattle based campus is the most dog-friendly workplace. A new report generated by pet care website has listed amazon’s workplace as the most dog-friendly campus, and researchers studied various types of data to conclude finally.

Reportedly they asked office workers about how many numbers of dogs they can bring to their office and other facilities provided by the office department for their dogs. The report further revealed that Amazon supported more than 6000 dogs at their campus, and they also offer facilities like poop bags and various treats. The company has always given a particular priority for pet lovers, which is the main reason why employees who work here gets pet allowance also. The workplace environment is becoming a new problem for many large companies because many workers want a pet-friendly workplace to work.

Accordingly, more than 40% of office workers want to have a pet-friendly environment because that’s what motivates them to work hard and gives much relief. Pet experts are admiring this policy of Amazon because they think it’s necessary that humans and animals feel connected. Amazon has been in controversy since the last couple of months because many of its workers were on a protest for low pay and not so friendly work environment.

However, there is still a problem of wage payment among Amazon workers, but we can firmly say that Seattle amazon’s workplace has solved the problems of not so friendly workplace environment. Other than Amazon there are three more companies from Seattle which has ranked among the nation’s top 20 most dog-friendly workplaces.