A 5-year-old boy, Nicholas Wanes, from Florida, got himself locked inside a cooler while playing with his friends. They were playing hide and seek when this boy got trapped inside, prompting multiple safety recalls. His family got panicked when they heard this news. When asked, the boy said that he did not find a good hiding spot and so, he went inside the cooler to hide. There was a surveillance video in their home which showed how the boy crawled inside the 72-quart cooler and got trapped there. It happened on Saturday, March 2 at 5 pm. He was inside the cooler for about 2 minutes and played with the top slightly ajar, but soon things turned difficult. The video that was captured in the camera showed how the boy pulled the lath and then it got closed from the inside. And then he screamed aloud for help as he realized that he is trapped and could not get out.

Nicholas was really lucky as his parents were nearby. As they heard him screaming, they ran for help and grabbed him out. Nicholas’s father, Robert Wanes blamed the design flaw of the cooler and was upset with the manufacturer of the cooler- Igloo. The container could not be opened from inside. The company Igloo also agreed with what the family said. The company issues a recall to its products after this incident took place. The company said sorry for this incident and said that this incident brought the fault of their product to their attention. They said they are happy to see that no one was injured by this incident.

The company said in their statement that they immediately all the questionable products. Their team of engineers analyzed things to know what could have been the cause of this incident. There was a performance issue with the latch of the cooler. The company identified three more products that had a similar latch and worked on them so that similar issues don’t take place in the future.